20% OFF – Foldable Magic Cane + Quarto

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With LED Light and 4 Head Pivoting Trusty Base + Quarto

This walking stick comes with a LED light which makes walking safer especially during the night. When purchase together with Quarto, you will enjoy a  20% DISCOUNT!!! Quartro is a game for intergeneration bonding. Alternatively, it can also be a gift for your kid! 

1 x 33% OFF – Foldable walking stick with LED safety light and 4 Head Pivoting Trusty Base

A simple gift that helps mom walking in confidence again We have provided some guides for selecting your walking stick. Read HERE.

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1 x Quarto


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Quarto – Quick Play Strategy game.

Suitable for senior and children, the playing pieces have eight features which must be observed and managed while playing. These include: Tall, Short, Light, Dark, Round, Square, Hollow Top, Solid Top. Any given piece has exactly four features. Each piece is unique.Play by selecting an unused piece and give it to your opponent. Players never gets to choose which piece they want to play. They can only play the piece given to them. Be very cautious that you do not provide your opponent a piece that allows them to win.

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