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Family bonding starts with games. Smol Tok as ice breaker while Stick Six is a mind stimulating game which is fun for both the young and elderly.

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Having meaningful conversation with Smol-Tok.

It is designed to be self-facilitated. Anyone may play the role of facilitator to get conversations flowing openly and honestly. The play mechanic is simple:

1. Pick a card and ask a question
2. Everybody answers
3. Ask follow-up questions
4. Rinse and repeat

Stick Six

Great game for senior and children, pop pop pop pop pop pop! Stick those suction cups to the translucent honeycomb board and try to get six in a row before your opponent!

Start with a giant clear playing board, then start with a strategy. With so many playing options open, you might want to just start pop-pop-popping your pieces into place and hope you get six before the other players but what if they block your next play?

Get your plans in order! You’ll be popping here and popping there as you lay out a few options to Stick Six of your own and to block the other players!

This seemingly simple game can be as complex as the strategies of the players, so it’s great for family play and players of different ages.

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