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InterGeneration Bonding Games

Through games, grandparents and grandchildren can build up strong relationships that last for years. It is also through games, the young ones learn how to interact with elderly.

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1 x Pengoloo (Wood)


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1 x Nada!


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The Fun South Pole Eggs-pedition.
The Great Egg Finding Memory Game.

Suitable for senior and children, our Penguins are ready to play with you. Join us on our Eggs-pedition to find the brightly colored eggs hidden within the penguins. This all wooden game will keep you guessing at which penguin is hiding which colored egg. Memory and a little luck will help you succeed in this fun South Pole adventure. The wooden game will help children and elderly enhance their memory skills.

Nada – Look for matching symbols!

Suitable for senior and children, there is always a match until – Nada! Scoop up the dice and let ’em roll. Quick – scan the array for matching symbols between the orange and white dice. The first to call a match collects all the dice showing that symbol. No matches? No problem! It’s another chance to win. Shout “Nada!” to snatch up all the dice. But speak too soon and you’ll pay the price. This dice game has 3 play variations. Think sharp and act fast to match, snatch, and win!

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