Living Well

Active Aging

A game of soccer – Klask – during family time

Keeping your loved one active (mentally and physically) is extremely important as they age. This is because an active lifestyle can not only benefit them physically but can also help to strengthen their social network hence preventing loneliness, improving the memory and preventing getting into depression.

Smol Tok – A fun game for ice breaking

A lack of exercising may lead to a rapid decline in mobility, hence increasing the risk of falls and fractures. Physical exercising help to maintain and enhance your loved one mobility and their quality of life and walking is one of them.

There are a wide range of activities suitable for the seniors to keep them occupied. It ranges from art and crafts, reminiscence activities to music therapy to games. All these different activities bring different benefits to the seniors such as cognitive stimulation, multi-sensory stimulation, gross/fine motor skill and etc. Most importantly, these activities will keep them socially engaged, which include with family members.