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A Note on Thanksgiving

We saw a good crowd turn out at last Saturday WAM Carnival, and for some of our customers and friends who have come over at Hugiaino’s booth to mingle and purchase some dementia (aquapaint, puzzles, robotic cat, etc) and inter-generation (mini-bean bag throw, klask, Spot it, etc) needs. It was an appreciative event among partners, innovators and customers. We hope to serve you better as we look forward to the end of the year.

We are looking forward for your feedback at our contact page as well. Please feel free to send us a feedback, yes anything to help us improve our service and collaboration.

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World Alzheimer’s Month 2019 Carnival HAPPENING on 21 September

Free entry!

We are very excited to share that World Alzheimer’s Month 2019 Carnival (WAM 2019) is happening soon in less than a month!

WAM carnival had been ongoing every year and last year (year 2018), the theme revolved around the 3 E’s which are Educating, Enabling and Empowering persons living with dementia. In summary, last year theme educated on the awareness and reduction of social stigma, to create an inclusive environment (enabling) as well as to age gracefully yet the autonomy given for persons living with dementia (empowering).

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About Pool Activity Level (PAL)

The PAL Instrument is developed by Jackie Pool, an Occupational Therapist from UK specialising in dementia care.

The underpinning principle of PAL:

  • People with dementia also have abilities.
  • In a correct setting environment, these abilities can be realised.
  • Activities is the key to unlocking these abilities.
  • Before presenting an activity, the persons’ impairment and abilities must first be understood.
  • An individual is motivated to engage in activities that have personal significance.

The purpose of PAL:

  • To enable caregiver to engage people with dementia in meaningful activities.
  • To be applicable in the home, day care centre or nursing home.
  • To be integrated into day-to-day care provision.
  • To provide information on individual’s strength and abilities.
  • To ensure the activities are meaningful and appropriate.

For more detail information, you may want to consider buying the book. You can get it from this online bookstore.

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Guest Contributor

Mini Bean Bag ThrowWe are delighted to have a guest writer on board. She is reputable in our local circle and bring more than 20 years of nursing experience. We will be publishing her blogs for the coming months.

In the meantime, we will like to reinforce that Hugiaino provides also for the inter-generations – seniors, their children and grandchildren. We have curated games activities that are suitable for all ages to bond and have quality time together.

Feel free to browse our inter-generation shop page inter-generation shop page. Have fun and laughter.

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Our table top game – Klask was a class act with the older generation during last week roadshow!

Klask is a table top game (yes – game that sets itself on top of table and players sit down to play) that pits players against each other on the opposite side to prevent from scoring. There are also other ways in the game to score points against each other.

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The 5 Myths and Facts about Dementia

Myth 1: Dementia is a normal part of ageing.

Fact 1: Dementia is not part of the normal ageing process. It is a condition that causes progressive intellectual decline leading to increasing difficulties in coping with daily activities. It affects mainly the senior (>60 years old). It can also affect the young. This type of dementia is categorised as Young Onset Alzheimer’s.

Myth 2: Alzheimier’s disease is the same as dementia

Fact 2: Dementia is an umbrella term used to describe a cluster of symptoms, while Alzheimer’s in one subtype of it which has its own features and characteristics.

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Singapore – World Alzheimer’s Month 2019 Carnival

This year we are very honoured to be part of World Alzheimer’s Month 2019 Carnival (WAM 2019) and the opportunity to showcase our products ranging from dementia related to technology and intergenerational. We hope to be able to share our experiences on engaging persons with dementia through the use of our products brought in all the way from UK. Hence, save the date and we shall see you at the carnival!

Click here for more information of the WAM 2019.